Cebu’s Kubra Commander channels their inner Oasis with new song ‘Doldrum’

Some 15 years ago, Rivermaya cut a trilogy of albums that were influenced by British bands like Radiohead and Coldplay. The music of Orange and Lemons on the other hand sounded like a paean to the Beatles and the Smiths.

Now completing the various waves of British music that enveloped the world, Cebu’s Kubra Commander channels their inner Oasis with their new single “Doldrum.”

It’s a neat follow up to their previous single “I’ve Seen the Heathens Cry” that still screamed of the Mancunian band albeit with shoegaze textures.

And it’s different from “Garden Bistro” that drips with Kula Shaker influences.

To be fair, Kubra Commander aren’t some tribute band. Their songs aren’t the blistering and crunching rock and roll that marked the first two albums of the Gallagher brothers and company.

Theirs is a heathen chemistry of Gallagher guitars, Morrissey ruminations, and Sgt. Pepperesque psychedelia. And it makes exciting concoctions.

“Doldrum” is one such strange brew. It’s got that Linkin Park intro for “Somewhere I Belong” that morphs into “Champagne Supernova” with introspective lyrics.

More than vocalist and guitarist Bobbi Olavido’s penchant for the music, it is given a backbeat by the England-born drummer Tim Williams who “grew up on this stuff.”

With Blur frontman Damon Albarn recently in the news for all the wrong reasons. Liam Gallagher pathetically calls out to his brother Noel for an Oasis reunion of which the latter doesn’t seem keen on after all the verbal abuse he and his family received. Richard Ashcroft resisted reforming the spellbinding the Verve. The music that defined a generation and rocked the entire world is reminded us by a release of concerts from Knebworth and appearances by Ashcroft as a solo act.

We have to thank Kubra Commander and their brilliant take on this music that makes it live forever.

“Doldrum” is released on all music streaming platforms and will precede a new album to be released under Lilystars Records.

Rick Olivares | BusinessMirror