TRCK REVIEW: Kubra Commander

A few music revivals in the local music community is on a slippery slope. “Hugotcore” isn’t working out for my taste nor is 70% of bedroom pop. Sub-genres like psychedelic rock nowadays walk on thin ice for either romanticizing the past or eclecticly bringing something new to the table. And Cebu’s very own Kubra Commander just might’ve leaned over to the latter with a groovy yet booze-filled acid trip without the actual booze and acid.

Their new single was released under Melt Records and “On Your Left” prioritizes on all out fun and sweeping rhythms like the glorious wah pedals and blazing drums. Lyrics talk about the thoughts running while the bass flirts around the listener’s eardrums. What more can you ask for? Well, I was worried that they might just fall under a generic umbrella but they called on speed and endurance just to keep up the pace they’re fitted in. Although, this is generally surface level psych rock and Kubra Commander needs a bit of polishing in terms buffing their sound.

“On Your Left” totally brings back the golden age of Brit pop where Oasis and Blur were duking out in the charts. Kicking ass in a non-vapid compositions can be tricky when you’re aiming to make it serious rather than establishing yourselves as an unbearable gimmick. But this isn’t british psych-influenced rock though, this is Cebuano “float rock”, and you’re looking at it with pure bliss.

The Flying Lugaw | The Flying Lugaw